Two-Channel Controller TOPAX DE

Important values securely under control


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The further developed TOPAX DE is based on the proven and tested modern technology of our multi-channel controller TOPAX DX and is available in different versions. The modular design makes the TOPAX DE to adaptable and highly compatible partner in the field of measuring and control technology. With the option of connecting it directly to a variety of sensors to measure the water parameters, every TOPAX DE version fulfils the demands for optimal water preparation.

  • Measuring free chlorine with open amperometric 2-electrode measuring cell, 3-electrode measuring cell with potentiostatic control or diaphragm-covered measuring cells
  • Measurement of the pH value and temperature
  • Redox measurement for disinfection control
  • Display of the effective chlorine according to dissociation curve
  • 4 measurement values and 5 digital inputs, galvanically isolated
  • Analogue outputs 0/4 … 20 mA for measurement or control values, galvanically isolated
  • 2 controllers for controlling the parameter for disinfection and
    the pH value
  • pH value compensation of the chlorine value
  • Temperature compensation of the pH value
  • Modbus protocol via RS 485
  • Memory card for data logger and logbook
  • Very easy to operate, guided start up
  • Large display with operator guidance in plain language, a flat, multilingual menu structure and context oriented online help
  • Integrated 24 h screen writer
  • Display of the quality of the measuring cells during calibration
  • Validity check during calibration

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