Up to 10,000 lb Capacity
LIFTS FASTER, but takes MORE FORCE than a worm gear.

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Supporting Documents:
Download: Spur Gear Hand Winches (up to 2000 lb capacity)
Download: Spur Gear Double Reduction Hand Winches (up to 10
Download: 000 lb capacity)
Download: Direct Drive Reel Winch for Pulling Only (M401)
Download: Spur Gear Series (M452 / M492)
Download: Spur Gear Line (M4022 / M4032 / M4042 / M4312 / M4412)
Lift or pull up to 10,000 lb. Machine-cut spur gears provide long-lasting service. Available in a variety of configurations to meet the performance requirements of your manual pulling, hoisting or lowering application. Also available in stainless steel.

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