SJT-VCN Molten Salt Circulation Pump

The SJT-VCN is a vertical mixed flow pump with medium to high capacity and head. Its design includes hydraulics from the proven SJT range. This pump has been engineered to balance high efficiency, low submergence and Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) considerations.


Supporting Documents:
Download: SJT-VCN Molten Salt Circulation Pumps for Concentrated Solar Power


Main benefits

  • Reduced submergence

Main applications

  • Cold and hot molten salt circulation pumps in parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • High pressure cold molten salt feed pumps in central tower CSP
  • Hot molten salt circulation pumps in central tower CSP
  • Cold molten salt attemperation pumps in central tower CSP
  • Cold molten salt melting and drainage pumps in parabolic trough and central tower CSP

Main design features

  • Umbrella device incorporated to the suction bell
  • First stage and series impellers provided with holes for effective draining during overhauls
  • Thermal insulation and radial grooves on driver stand support head
  • Segmented line shaft bearings

Key characteristics


Up to 4,000 m3/h / 17,600 US gpm


Up to 350 m/ 1,150 ft


Up to 70 bar / 1,015 psi


Up to 600°C / 1,100°F

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3,600 rpm

Performance range

Performance range 50 Hz

SJT VCN performance range 50 HzClick to zoom

Performance range 60 Hz

SJT VCN performance ranges 60 HzClick to zoom

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