Classic motor-driven diaphram dosing pump


Supporting Documents:

The MEMDOS E combines the properties of the MEMDOS series working reliably for many years with the latest requirements in dosing technology. Two models of the MEMDOS are available. The smaller version can be used for capacities from 0…4 to 0…160 l/h and the larger version for capacities from 0…160 to 0…380 l/h. Pressures are admissible between 4 and 10 bar, depending on the size.

  • Suitable for accurate mixing tasks
  • Capacity range 4 to 393 l/h, at up to 10 bar
  • Linear development of the dosing quantity
  • According to the stroke length
  • Tappet drive with manual and automatic capacity adjustment
  • Wide range of dosing head materials
  • Double-diaphragm system optional
  • Small stand, requires little space

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