Material Metal Design Standardized Chemical Pump (ISO 2858, ISO 5199)SizeDN 25 – DN 150Delivery rateQmax. = 400 m3/hDelivery headHmax. = 150 mTemperature-40 °C to +250 °CNominal pressure16 bar

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Applications Aggressive, especially toxic, highly flammable, explosive or foul smelling media. In general all liquids that must not get into the atmosphere during the pumping process. Chlor-alkali Electrolysis Industrial Manufacture of H2SO4 Standard: EN 22858 (ISO 2858), ISO 5199 Design: horizontal, single-stage Construction: sack-pull-out design Casing design: single or double volute casing Impeller: closed Bearing lubrication: lifetime grease lubrication Sleeve bearing lubrication: by the pumped medium Installation versions: base plate, base frame or stilt mounting Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C Inducer Heated version Drain of volute casing Flushing in different versions Temperature and vibration monitoring Flange processing in line with international standards Leakage monitoring External cooling and lubrication cycle Secondary seal Pump accessories 1.0619 1.4136S 1.4306S 1.4361 1.4408 1.4529 S R 30 20 R 4SI Alloy C Nickel-base Alloy R 70 C1 Titanium Alloy

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