Material Metal Design Pumps for applications according to API 610 (ISO 13709SizeDN 32 – DN 300Delivery rateQmax. = 600 m3/hDelivery headHmax. = 80 mDepthup to 2 mTemperature-40 °C to +200 °CNominal pressure10 bar

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Applications Aggressive, plus abrasive and corrosive liquids and slurries such as e.g. heavily contaminated sulphur , phosphate mashes, titanium dioxide slurries, copper digestion acids, crude tar, and liquids sensitive to local heating from sleeve bearings Fertiliser production Industrial Manufacture of H2SO4 Standard: according to API 610 11th edition / ISO 13709:2009 Design: vertical, single-stage Construction: cantilever design Casing design: single or double volute casing Pump installation: wet Impeller: closed oder open* Bearing lubrication: grease lubrication Sleeve bearing lubrication: base plate, base frame or stilt mounting Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C Solid content limit value: ca. 30 % Heated version Temperature and vibration monitoring Flange processing in line with international standards Suction tube and / or suction strainer design Pump accessories Sealings Shaft sealing with stuffing box or packing ring. The sealing is not in contact with the liquid; rising fluid in shaft pipe runs through overflow holes back into container. Packing Gland 1.0619 V 5700 1.4136S 1.4306S 1.4408 1.4517 1.4529 S R 30 20 R 70 C1

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