Material Metal Design Axial Flow PumpSizeDN 125 – DN 500Delivery rateQmax. = 3.000 m3/hDelivery headHmax. = 5 mTemperatureup to +120 °CNominal pressure6 bar

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Applications Evaporation, crytallisation and regeneration plant, Effluent and flue gas cleaning plant, Chemical industry generally, Bottle cleaning plant, Production plant for titanium dioxide and phosphoric acid Flue Gas Cleaning in Waste Incineration Plants Production of Titanium Dioxide Design: horizontal or vertical, single-stage Construction: back-pull-out design, close coupled design Directions of flow: operation in both directions of flow is possible Casing design: T-piece in welded or casted design (standard or hydraulically optimized) Impeller: adjustable propeller blades oder inducer Bearing lubrication: oil lubrication Installation versions: suspended in pipeline Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C Solid content limit value: ca. 5 % Flushing in different versions Temperature and vibration monitoring Flange processing in line with international standards Thermosyphon system Quench system Pump accessories Sealings Single or double stuffing boxes with opertaing and at-rest sealing or stationary mechanical seal with quench or double acting mechanical seal. Mechanical Seal Packing Gland 1.0619 1.4306S 1.4408 1.4517 1.4529 S 1.4571 R 30 20 3.7035

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