JTS Standard Vertical Turbine Pumps

The JTS vertical turbine pump integrates the tradition of providing Sulzer’s highly engineered and reliable vertical turbine pump with the standardization of materials and configurations available in bowl sizes of 180 to 510 mm (7 to 20 inches).


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Main benefits

  • Optimized hydraulics for high efficiency
  • Packed stuffing box for reliable sealing and simple maintenance, mechanical seal is optional
  • Rubber-lined product-lubricated bearing in bowls and columns for long maintenance-free periods, other bearing materials are also available
  • Spacer coupling allows servicing of the seal and thrust bearing as required
  • Full pull-out design available for semi-open impellers and bowl diameter sizes > 50″ to ease dismantling and maintenance

Main applications

  • Cooling water circulation in conventional and renewable power stations
  • Water and irrigation supply
  • Booster service
  • Offshore fire and service water
  • Secondary recovery supply and injection systems

Main design features

  • Engineered to order vertical turbine type provided with closed or semi-open impeller
  • Suction bell provided with anti-vortex ribs, tail bearing, and replaceable wear rings or bowl liner
  • Axial thrust bearing in pump or in motor
  • Bowl cast or fabricated for semi-open impeller (bowl diameter sizes > 50″)
  • Full pull-out construction available for semi-open impeller (bowl diameter sizes > 50″)

Key characteristics


Up to 1,500 m3/h / 8,000 US gpm


Up to 300 m / 1,000 ft


Up to 36 bar / 525 psi


Up to 85 °C / 185 °F

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3,600 rpm

Performance range

Performance range 50 Hz

JTS performance range 50 HzClick to zoom

Performance range 60 Hz

JTS performance range 60 HzClick to zoom

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