Clamped AIRTRAN Pump – 3/8″ Non-Metallic

Simplicity, Versatility, Easy of Handling


Supporting Documents:
Download: Spec_Sheet-Clamped_AODD_3/8″_non-metallic

Lutz-JESCO America Corp’s 3/8″ clamped version (non-metallic) is ideally suited for use with chemical recirculation and feed, liquids with solid particles, (e.g. paints and lacquers) and electroplating.

  • Absolutely lube free valve
  • Corrosion free materials of construction
  • Non-stalling function at low pressures
  • No close fitted or rotating parts
  • Can safely run dry
  • No generated heat due to the absence of an electric motor
  • Can handle abrasive solids
  • Service-friendly construction
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Reduced operating costs

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