1? Performance Plus

Max-Pass™ Compatible – Metal or Plastic Design

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0-41 GPM (156 liters/min)
Maximum Temperature:
KT-10 Model:
200°F (93°C)
Other Plastic Models:
Metallic Models:
150°F (66°C)
200°F (93°C)
Maximum Air Pressure:
120 PSI (8,2 bar)
Minimum Air Pressure:
20 PSI (1,3 bar)
Dry Lift:
Models w/PTFE balls:
Other Ball Check models:
Models w/Max-Pass™ valves:
10 ft. (3 meters
15 ft. (5,2 meters)
18 ft. (5,5 meters)
Maximum Solids
Models w/Max-Pass™ valves:
(Plastic Pumps)
(Metal Pumps)
1/4? (6,4 mm)3/4? (19 mm)
1/2? (12,7 mm)
Air Supply:
1/4? NPT/BSP Female
Outlet:Note: Muffler Supplied
3/8? NPT/BSP Femal
Fluid Inlet/Discharge:
Plastic Models:Metallic Models:
1? Flange
(ANSI/DIN Compatible)
1? NPT

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